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The Process

Watch our Cleaning Process 

What We Collect

We accept sneakers and socks, new, used and in good condition or gently worn.

How We Collect

We work with high schools, colleges and businesses to host sneaker drives  to collect new and gently used sneakers and socks.

How We Clean

We hand clean and sanitize all used sneakers and socks to ensure they are in proper condition with the help of student volunteers.

How We Distribute

We distribute new and refurbished sneakers and socks to homeless shelters  through sneaker giveaways.


Get Involved

Volunteer for an event or host a sneaker drive.

Become a donation box location.

Sole Purpose partners with schools and businesses to collect gently used sneakers and socks . 

  Contact us at 


200 East 10th Street, Suite 1014

New York, NY 10013


Make a donation‏.


It's easy to get in touch.


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